Choosing to think positively….

The other day at work, I realized that I’d made a mistake and I beat myself up really hard about it. Really hard. Like I always do. Because apparently, for me, it’s never okay to make a mistake, but for anyone else, it’s totally acceptable, understandable, even expected. I just never allow myself the chance to be human and eff up from time to time.

But this mistake, as with other issues that have arisen in the last several months (most of the NOT my fault, but I have to deal with the backlash of them), I am learning heavily from and it’s working well. I have a giant sticky note on my monitor with several “positive thinking” statements:

I AM good at my job.

I NO LONGER make stupid mistakes.

I NO LONGER get frustrated at things I can’t control.

I CAN slow down and time the time to do it right the first time.

I have been living by these mantras for about a week now and they are really helping. I am coming to the realization that shit happens and sometimes I cause it and sometimes I don’t. But regardless, it’s not okay to beat myself up and it is okay to recognize that every single person in my office (and in the world) makes mistakes and it’s okay….just so long as I don’t do it again and learn from it.

It’s not like this happens every day, so that’s the good news. I wouldn’t have a job if it did. I am human, after all.

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