I hate coming back to work after vacation.

Today was a miserable day. I kind of can’t even believe it. I got next to no sleep due, in large part, to screaming children at all hours of the night. Sigh.

Coming back to work after vacation is horrible, we all know this. But today was especially horrifying. Without any effort, I was made to feel like an incompetent boob. So that’s fun. I really hate that feeling…like I’m somehow the worst ever at my job and that I have no business being there in the first place. Sometimes, it’s very very hard being the youngest (by a long shot) person on my team with the least amount of experience. I try really hard to do the best that I can, but sometimes, it’s really easy to make me feel like a total moron.

This is incredibly vague and I’m aware of that. Just know that work was total shit today.

There is a redeeming factor to today however.

I came home this evening to find Todd making my all-time favorite dinner he’s ever made me. WHAT!?!?? That’s usually reserved for date nights and only after I’ve requested it several bajillion times in one day…it’s a really hard dish to make so for him to make it on a MONDAY no less was very very special and surprising!

I’m a lucky girl.

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