Happy birthday to me!

Yes, I forgot…again. Sort of. I mean, I know that tomorrow is my birthday, but I typically always just let it slip my brain until that day.

Today, I walked into my office to find it covered in all things pirate. I asked “What inspired the pirates?” and my office-mate said “Because of your cruise!” (to Alaska…in August). It’s hilarious. Chandra looked up all kinds of pirate-y phrases and then some random quotes from Pirates of the Caribbean…and my window and desk are covered in photos of Johnny Depp. What a tragedy *wink wink*

It is absolutely outrageous…I love it! haha!

And Sue got me a nice card with a gift card to Starbucks and well-wishes for “happy studying”…she knows that I eat lunch at my desk every day so that I can spend my official lunch hour studying at the Bux…very thoughtful of her…

Tomorrow will be a glorious birthday, starting with an early morning run with Todd, then breakfast at a favorite old haunt, then relaxin’, then birthday present time from Todd, then Cinco de Drinko with the crew. Weather be damned…tomorrow is going to be spectacular!

At least it won’t be snowing!

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