Huh. Turns out, rejection still sucks.

I got an email earlier thanking me for auditioning for the Broncos and that if I am getting a call back, it either will have already happened or will happen today. So far, no calls.

Maybe it’s because I’m extremely tired and overworked right now, but I think I could cry over not getting a call back. I know I said that I could handle it, but the sheer amount of exhaustion that I’m experiencing right now is almost too much to handle.

I had a co-worker ask me today if I was doing all right and if I needed to go out for lunch/drinks with her to discuss anything, completely off the records. I appreciated her sentiments more than I could express. I just really need for May to be over…for reasons related to both work and school. So far, I have been able to manage the stress remarkably well. But the last few days/weeks have been overwhelming in ways that I can’t possibly describe.

Maybe it’s the mark of maturity and/or responsibility, but the idea of getting completely trashed next weekend for Cinco de Drinko sounds far less than appealing. Having a good time with my friends, absolutely. But I know that I need to wake up the next morning and finish off the semester and I’ll likely need most of the day to do that.

I mostly just don’t have time for fun anymore. Todd and I are going cabin-ing and hiking with M, P & H this weekend and I already know (and have told everyone) that I have to bring my laptop and homework with me to finalize two very significant projects, which are due on Sunday…and I most assuredly have to be home by 7pm at the very very latest so that I can post the assignments to my online classes.

Just thinking about it is stressing me out.

4 thoughts on “Huh. Turns out, rejection still sucks.

  1. I realize I’m late in telling you this, but it’s important nonetheless.

    You should know: the guy who got me those anthem gigs last summer for MLB and NASCAR made abundantly clear that he wouldn’t even bother TRYING to approach NFL clubs about my singing the anthem for them, simply because “they typically only invite ‘urban’ artists to sing their anthems.” He knows this because he inquired about Alison Krauss doing it for some club, and then again trying to get some hot-shot country artist on their roster. And both of them got a big fat widespread rejection.

    Furthermore, this is coming from a guy who has working relationships with thousands of clubs, and just produced the entire Kentucky Derby event AND produced the fricken SuperBowl three years ago (no lie).

    My point: this time, for real, it’s not you. It’s them. So don’t give up. Just go audition for the Rockies. MLB like white girls who can sing! šŸ™‚

  2. I’m seriously re-evaluating my own effing “schedule” again, which will probably help in the long run. I’m just tired.

    C~ drinks ASAP.
    T~ we’ll get through it…

  3. Yeah, I have learned a lot about rejection in the past few years. It’s not easy, but you have to be able to push past it.

    You just wait till these classes are over and your schedule changes… there will be upheaval, but you’ll be okay. You can get through this!!

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