I still hate winter driving…

We bought a new car last night.

New to us anyway.

It’s kind of a long story how we got it, but it’s the exact car we’ve been wanting and we got a screaming deal on it!

It’s a 2008 Subaru Impreza 2.5i, dark grey metallic with black interior, manual transmission, and fully fully loaded…woo hoo!!! It’s such a sweet car. Todd has been wanting to get me into a safer winter driving car since I have to drive up and down the mountain every single day, and I tell you want…this morning, in this horrible weather, that little Subaru powered up the hill without a single problem! Way to go, Stabilitrac! Probably my new favorite feature of all time…I love not sliding all over the damn place when I hit patches of snow and/or ice. Don’t get me wrong. I still ahte driving in the winter (and kind of can’t blieve my office is open right now), but knowing that I’m in a safe vehicle that can actually go (and stop ) in the snow makes it a little easier on me.

The funny thing is that this is the first major, non-electronics purchs that Todd and I have made together. And while the car is technically “mine” (I’ll be driving it primarily), we’re both on the registration and the loan so it’s actually both of ours. Todd has made the executive decision that he’ll be driving the car at least once a week in non-winter months, because it is that bad ass and he doesn’t look like a tool driving it (like he would if I’d gotten a Mini Cooper with pink racing stripes). Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that he and I can keep the speeds to a minimum and not get pulled over!

Todd has also made the decision that the pups are not allowed in the car for at least the first year. There’s a pet car cover thing at Bed, Bath & Beyond that I want to get, but even with that, Todd isn’t all that interested in having Leo-hair all over the place like it is in good ol’ Kate the Neon.

Speaking of names, the new car needs one. I’m open to suggestions. The only requirements are that it has to be a girl name and it can’t be something I’d potentially name a child (which sucks because I really like the names Lily and Kate and I blew it by using those for vehicle names hahaha!)…so far, I’m interested in Madeline, but since it’s Todd’s car too, he has to agree to the name as well…

4 thoughts on “I still hate winter driving…

  1. You, still hate winter driving?? Frankly I am shocked, SHOCKED, I say. I’m going to call channel 9 because this is news (more so than cup-stackers, anyway).

    My car doesn’t even HAVE a name, if you’ll recall. You even named our Garmin voices, for crying out loud. Pick a name!

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