Changes are coming…

I think I’m going to go blonde.

I haven’t yet figured out what, exactly, inspired this. I have “virgin” hair, not yet touched by the likes of professional grade hair dyes…I’ve never even gotten highlights.

But I think being a blonde might be a grand ol’ time! Not like Playboy Bunny blonde…a platinum I am not. But some color of blonde. I should probably make an appointment with my stylist soon…even though I won’t be getting this done until well after Easter.


I’m excited!

4 thoughts on “Changes are coming…

  1. i thought about platinum but i seriously doubt my ability to pull off the Holly Madison look. sigh. but i am VERY excited about something different going on with this virgin hair hahahahaha!tattoos are always far too appealing to me. i desperately want another one…but am having a hard time going through with it because of where i want them…

  2. i too have been thinking about going blonde..PLATINUM, if possible. mostly because now that i’m not going to be onstage anymore, and will be but a lowly student, looking ridiculous and uncastable is totally fine. OH THE FREEEEEDOM!i also want another tattoo.

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