Playing with hippies.

Here I am, back in Boulder.

Todd is at his Writer’s Group in the back of the coffee shop and I’m studying (okay “studying”) in the front.

A glorious faux hippie and her two very cute kids just sat down to eat a quick brunch and are now on their way out. They left a massive trail of chocolate cupcake behind them and around the very area in which I am studying.

Hilarious. Gross. Many things.

I really have nothing to add to my blog list from this week. And I think I might have outdone myself last week with all the posts re: my globalization class. Damn. But I feel the need to write, for some reason.

I am realizing that one of the biggest motivations for getting done with school as quickly as possible is not so that I can be a college graduate and not so that I can sleep more.

It’s so I can have time to read again. There are so many books that I need and want to read. The Heart of Darkness has been at the top of my list for over a year. And yet, without the hours and day and weeks to devote to it, I have yet to rent it from the library. Sigh. I also have been sitting on Night for over 3 years. Yowza. I’m apparently all about the most depressing books every written. Weird.

Thursday night, Todd and I embarked on the second of my five resolutions. We went to see The Phantom of the Opera. I have honestly never seen anything more amazing in my life. I’ve been wanting and waiting to go to a Broadway show my entire life. Honestly. The whole thing…my ENTIRE life. And we finally went to what is probably my favorite musical of all time (though it might tie with My Fair Lady).

I have decided that I want to do musical theatre for two reasons. 1 – I love to sing. 2 – I want to wear those outrageous and beautiful costumes.

It’s hard for me to go into much detail here about how much I loved the show and the specifics of what I loved. I can say, though, that seeing Phantom has cemented in my mind that experiences, rather than things, are the gifts that I really love and appreciate (aside from flowers delivered to work because that makes me feel extraordinary). There is only one”thing” that I really want from Todd and I don’t foresee receiving that for several years (like 19 more years).

I will never forget the way that I felt walking into the theatre to see Phantom for the first time. Wow. Just…wow.

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