Because it’s important, that’s why…

Last night, during our Valentine’s dinner at the Hard Rock Café in downtown, Todd and I began talking about music, specifically, that which we think is important.

We’ve longed discussed that we want our children (whenever they come into the picture) to be well-versed in as many genres of music as we can possibly expose them to. This brought up the topic of what can be classified as “important” music. For me, that list includes….SEVERAL artists. Todd reminded me that while some music maybe important to ME (Lisa Loeb and The Indigo Girls), it’s not necessarily the prime example of music from our generation, so should be kept out of the “Important Music” category and placed in the “Important Music to Me” category.

That said, here are the beginnings of my two lists:

Important Music (spanning several generations

Count Basie

Glenn Miller & Band (a personal favorite)

Benny Goodman

The Rat Pack

Frankie Vallie & the Four Seasons

Elvis Presley

The Beatles

Lesley Gore

The Beach Boys

Jimmy Hendrix

The Who

The Doors

The Rolling Stones

Donna Summer


The Bee Gees


Simon & Garfunkle

Fleetwood Mac

Diana Ross

Stevie Wonder

Janis Joplin


The Jackson Five

Michael Jackson


New Kids on the Block


The Beastie Boys

Rage Against the Machine

Pearl Jam

No Doubt

Britney Spears

Celine Dion

Mariah Carey

Justin Timberlake

New Found Glory


Kelly Clarkson

Fall Out Boy

Panic! At The Disco

….just to name a few

Important Music to Me (all in addition to previous list)

Lisa Loeb

Sarah McLachlan

Fiona Apple

Sixpence None The Richer

Michael Bublé


Indigo Girls

Jennifer Knapp


Tim McGraw

Faith Hill

Kanye West


Matchbox 20


Ace of Base

DC Talk

Michael W. Smith

Plain White T’s



Oasis (but only so that I can reference SNL from time to time)

Jason Mraz

The Fray

Jump, Little Children


Regina Spektor


The Black Eyed Peas


Imogen Heap

…just to name a few

So with all of that said, what are some of YOUR important artists? Or what are some over-arching artists/musicians that you think I’ve missed and should definitely be heard? To make it onto the overarching list, remember that it should be generally important and history-making music…it doesn’t have to be music you necessarily like (I don’t particularly care for Nirvana, but it’s important that future generations know their music and their impact)…

[Karla, I know that Radiohead will be the top of your “me music” list :o))

5 thoughts on “Because it’s important, that’s why…

  1. frick! how did i forget CAKE?!?i would also include Alanis on the “general” list. i made a half-hearted attempt at breaking it down by decade…it starts with the 40s (more or less) and moves through today…it gets a little messy in the 70s/80s hahaha!

  2. very cool! did you ever think about breaking the general important list down to decades? not exactly necessary, but it could make things easier. (c:some of my favs (a few that didn’t appear on either list, anyway:the damnwellsjon foremanthe framesben foldspedro the lionmatthew perryman jonescakedamien ricethe raconteurswe are scientistsugh. i could totally go at this for a while…i’m gonna leave it there. (c;

  3. Yeah, our kids will probably be familiar with everything from Beethoven to Paul Oakenfold by the time they’re ten, and I’m totally okay with that. Whether or not they decide to be musicians, the concepts found in music reflect humanity really well — the politics of harmony, the routine of rhythm, these help to symbolize our struggles in a way that neither fiction nor dry school lessons can.Plus, the study of generations is always made more interesting by what music they were listening to at the time. Compare 1950’s America to today, for example.Word verif: “chedium”. Sounds like a thick yellow element on the periodic table.

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