Stereotypes exist for a reason…

So one of Todd’s “resolutions” this year was to go to a real science fiction / fantasy convention and he happened upon one that was held this past weekend in Colorado Springs.

It was definitely more sci-fi than fantasy but one of Todd’s favorite authors was there – George R.R. Martin. One of Todd’s friends informed him that Martin is one of very few authors that directly resembles his fan base. I wasn’t sure what that meant until I saw both the attendees and Martin himself on Saturday morning. Martin is a spry older man with plenty of years of experience under his belt, both in literature and film and he was incredibly interesting to listen to (even if the interviewer reminded me of a Will Ferrel SNL sketch). But yes, George R.R. Martin looks like the majority of his fans:

At any rate, the weekend was interesting and fun for both of us. We enjoyed getting out of town for a bit, the drive there and back was beautiful, we ate amazing food for lunch and dinner on Saturday and definitely took advantage of the indoor (very warm) pool at the hotel. We also had some pretty lively discussion regarding horror movies with the bar tender at the hotel.

All in all, a good weekend.
Next month, we’ll be doing something on my list of “resolutions” which is to see a Broadway show. Exciting!

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