It has come to this, hasn’t it?

So the “barrier” and I have come to a crossroads.

Only one of us can win.

I have decided it’s going to be me.

For nearly three weeks, I have been on my “Get Fit In Time for Brit” plan and, for whatever reason, keep plateauing at a particular level.

I am getting angry. I am getting frustrated. I am getting even.

I will not take this lying down. I will not give up. I will not lose the battle to the Barrier.

And so I enlist the help of one Jillian Michaels…via DVD.

I have 14 weeks to get where I need to be in time for Britney.

Yes, in 14 weeks, me and four of my friends will be descending upon Las Vegas for the Britney Spears concert. And the only way I’m allowing myself to go is to lose all the post-honeymoon/post-holiday weight. It has stuck around for far too long and my complacency has only encouraged this madness.

But in 6 days, I also begin classes again. This poses a bit of a threat against The Plan and provides yet another “in” for The Barrier, but with the help of DVDs and my own personal brand of ass-kicking, The Barrier can kindly suck it.

Can’t hold me down now! I am on a mission and ain’t nothing stopping me now…

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