Boston 2008 – Day 5 – August 8 – My feet just want to watch more Project Runway

Last day with lots to do so it was an early start. 8am and off to Dunkin Donuts for more coffee sold to us by a cheery Spanish woman (and yes, I used my skillz to converse briefly). Then the long walk to Boston Common and the park to visit The Ducks and begin a l-o-n-g day on The Freedom Trail! It’s 2.5miles and allegedly takes about 4 hours to finish with all the things to read and photograph. It’s a beautiful and fascinating walk but we have decided that it should have been done closer to the beginning of the trip rather than the end. Either way, it was enjoyable. The last stop was Bunker Hill. There’s an ice cream truck at the bottom, which we giggled at…until we climbed the 294 steps to the top of the monument! After all that, it was time to head back to G’vannis for lunch (chicken parm, veal parm and pinot grigio) and gelato at Mike’s. Took an inadvertent and round about way to the harbor to get sweatshirts (Boston for me, Harvard for Todd) before getting on the train back to Copley – wanted to tour Trinity Church, the library and Berklee, but only made it to the library before our feet all but gave out. Back to the hotel!

Three hours of American’s Next Top Model and we were ready for pub food! Torrential rain and a lack of desire to walk landed us at The Pour House on Boylston & Fairfield. Good beer, great wings, the Sox game and opening ceremonies…couldn’t have asked for a better end to our vacation!

Notes from after the trip:
*Todd actually said the title of today’s post. Yes, our feet hurt that badly.
*We missed out on Fenway, the Sam Adams Brewery and Berklee this time, so we’re already planning on another trip and we’ll hit all those things, I’ll get to shop on Newbury and we’ll probably head up to Cape Cod for a day. And we’ll also do the harbor dinner/dancing cruise.
*We had the opportunity to go dancing on the pier of a hotel on the harbor (swing dancing, no less) but we missed that so we’ll be doing that next time too.
*Boston fricking rocks!

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