Boston 2008 – Day 3 – Aug 6 – There are no pretty girls at Harvard…just smart ones.

Mr. Bartley’s @ Harvard. Best burger – so sayeth Wall Street Journal and Pete Buchwald. Best/Only strawberry shake I’ve ever had.

Harvard is beautiful – amazing architecture & greenery.

MIT is funky and weird. Strange building – kind of look like Frank Lloyd Wright…or whoever did the Denver Art Museum. Haven’t heard anyone say “Hahhvahd” yet, but saw a shirt that did.

The Harvard Co-op is waaay too expensive so if I get a Harvard shirt, I’ll get it from a street vendor. Todd did get a cigar from a shop that could have been straight out of Roger Rabbit. Seriously.

It’s very foggy tonight. so going to the Top of the Hub proved a bad idea so we changed our reservations for tomorrow night. Instead, we’ll have wings at Whiskey’s where we ate last night. YUM!


Notes from after the trip:
*Canbridge is so beautiful, it’s almost like being in a dream. It rained the whole time we were there and it couldn’t have possibly been more lovely.
* The title of today’s post comes from a girl whose phone conversation I was eavesdropping on. It’s quite possibly the dumbest thing I’ve heard it quite a while.
*Definitely have AT LEAST dessert at the Top of the Hub…it’s pricey, but totally worth the view and the live jazz.
*Karla, definitely check out the crazy MIT buildings!

One thought on “Boston 2008 – Day 3 – Aug 6 – There are no pretty girls at Harvard…just smart ones.

  1. Frank Gehry is the MIT-Boston architect. In my humble opinion, Gehry’s work is far stellar than Daniel Liebskinds (the architect for the Denver Art Museum). And although both architects have a strictly modern architectural style, Gehry’s buildings tend to conform with the surrounding landscape a little better than Liebskind’s. Both architects definitely make a statement, and don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike all of Liebskind’s work, however, Gehry seems to use more of a feminine influence. I like that. Compare different buildings designed by the two of them and see if you can figure out what I meant by that statement. ;o) Curves baby… curves! Go Gehry!

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