Boston 2008 – Day 1 – August 4 – Tubulence is a bitch.

7:40am flight…GAAA!!!
Slept most of the way – apparently too tired to function, even after a Dazbog green tea smoothie. Insane turbulence into Atlanta which I hated, but the XM satellite radio (for free!) and Todd made it a bit easier…but not much.

Made it to Boston. Uneventful flight for the most part. We flew over Manhattan, which was unreal. Other than “Friends”, I’ve never seen NYC. Took some picture from the plane…AWESOME!!

Our hotel, Newbury Guest House, is amazing! Right on Newbury Street, which is apparntly the Rodeo Drive of Boston – HOT!. There’s a Vera Wang Bridal Store here….WHAT?!?

Samantha, our evening concierge, sent us to Bangkok City for dinner. Best Thai food we’ve ever had. Mmm! Right across the street from Berklee, so that’s rad!

Stopped into a fun cigar store for Todd before heading in for the night.


Here are some “asides” from after the trip:

1. Yeah, those flights sucked big time. If I never see the inside of Atlanta’s airport again, it’ll be too soon. I hate routing through there.

2. Cab drivers in Boston are fricking insane. Very “east coast” feeling, I guess.

3. Pedestrians have absolutely zero regard for traffic. Just start walking. Cars will (hopefully) stop for you.

4. Not sure what all the people on had to bitch about regarding Newbury Guesthouse…it was everything we could have wanted…and more.

5. We think that Samantha is a student at Berklee College of Music, which is why she recommended Bangkok City…it’s literally across the street from the school.

6. I haaaaaaaate Dazbog coffee. The tea isn’t too bad though.

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