Pwning the n00bs….(I don’t even know what that means)….

There are plenty of things that I want to write about at this point, but nothing is coming. Lame.
I made dinner last night for my family. Apparently it turned out well…I honestly think it’s the first real forray into cooking that I’ve made since I’ve been married. Todd usually does all the cooking and whatever I do is usually lame and easy…he makes masterpieces, I fingerpaint. Whatever. But I did realize just how awful it is to cook in a house without air conditioning. Oof. I had two burners rip roaring hot and the oven on a 350F for well over an hour. It was bloody hot as hell in the kitchen. But nonetheless, we had a successful dinner and then ate cherries and watermelon for dessert.
See? Totally lame post. I have nothing interesting to say right now.

Let’s just take a brief journey through the Mind of Micah right now.

Politics — I’m not sure it’s possible for me to be any more sick of heating politicians endorsing religious leaders or religious leaders endorsing politicians. I really don’t care. And why is it such a big deal THIS election? I don’t remember hearing all this religious gobbledeegook during the last presidential election. Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention? I’m not sure. Regardless, it’s irritating. It seems to throw additional, unnecessary wrenches into an already complicated and polluted game.

Fashion — I bought new shoes that are awesome, but have to exchange them for a different size. Not to worry. I’ll have the new ones tomorrow and just need to find a box to ship the old ones back in. I bought a “cupcake” dress the other day for only $10…I love love love when Isaac Mizrahi is on sale! It’s a perfect light blue herringbone affair with (wait for it…………….) hidden pockets! I was seriously born in the wrong decade. I have long said it and Chandra said it again today….I should have been born in the late-40s/early-50s. Dang it! I finally found a swimsuit that looks right on me. Enough research about how to buy a swimsuit and one will find the perfect suit. Even if it did come from Wal-mart. Damn you, Sam Walton! Damn you and your affordable, yet cute swimsuits!

Religion — we’re still trying to figure a lot of things out. I think we’ve found a church that we both enjoy (Pathways), but as always, there will never be one church to satisfy all needs. I was just starting to really love Rachel, the worship leader, when she gave her resignation. She was refreshing and that was something that I really needed. Now we’re back to the same ol’ and while the guy that leads worship now is clearly and effortlessly talented, it’s what I’ve been doing for 20+ years. I need a break from that. Plus, he uses this seizure-enducing “countdown” clock at the beginning of the service that reminds me of not good things. But Pathways is opening up a site in our neighborhood which would be really amazing…looking forward to checking that out, for sure.

School — often wondering if I really just half-assed this semester by choosing such an easy topic (Canada) to write about. I’m not sure. I think I did a good job, but I read my classmates’ work and get a little down-trodden (this is not a fish for compliments, btw). This one girl, Lauren, is one of the most amazing writers I’ve read in quite some time. Very fresh and innovative. Very in love with her craft. I want to be able to write like that, but I often come off as far too simplistic and …. boring (in my estimation). I guess we’ll see when I get done with the semester and get my final grade.

Work — can’t really get into that at this point.

Travel — ever a present “concern” of mine, but I’m wondering if it’s something that needs to be put on hold for a while? Todd and I really want to buy a house and while everything in the neighborhood we want to live in is far too expensive (I walked by the perfect house today…it was $485,000), we still need to save some money for a down payment when we do decide to buy. Hopefully the market doesn’t turn upward again while I’m still in school, though that would be just my luck. Whatever.

So there’s the gist.

2 thoughts on “Pwning the n00bs….(I don’t even know what that means)….

  1. Ha ha, I like your title. Did you see that South Park? If you haven’t it’s a MUST SEE. I at least know what pwning the n00bs means after that. We’re in the same boat as far as cooking goes, though, I don’t even know if I could be called a finger painter.I think a lot of the pastors/politicians thing has to do with A. The accusatory emails and videos going around that say Obama is Muslim. Those things make conservatives look like idiotic a**holes. B. The weird off beat things Obama’s pastor actually said about the US. And, C. The James Dobsons etc… have always always made their opinions public about the conservative runner. Gotta get all us Christians flocked up together and voting the right way.Must see pictures of the dress (I love that era too) Though, my body is not the right type for those styles usually.

  2. That’s a pretty long post for having “nothing” to say. Sometimes that’s the way the cheerios blogs come out and it feels good when it does.And that’s totally NOT true about you “not cooking” since we’ve been married. You have made some fantastic dishes! Don’t make it sound like we eat mac & cheese three nights a week!!!Politics: What a drag. I got really interested after reading that <>Politics for Dummies<> book but it’s hard when you feel like you care about something WAY more than everyone else around you.Religion: Same as above, except muddled and with far more implied consequences. Pathways is cool but I’m kind of on the fence about Mark Tidd as a pastor. I’m not quite sure why, maybe it was going to the No Dumb Questions group that he hosted, but I just lack confidence in him as a pastor. Weird.Fashion: I love how you dress and I can’t help but feel special that I picked out the now-famous shoes.School: You may not have been fishing for compliments but I know for sure that you’re a much better writer than you think. A lot of people recommend we “write what we know,” and you feel strongly about knowing Canada. There’s nothing wrong with that so stop beating yourself up for it being “easy.” You’re supposed to be learning about writing, not necessarily about your topic even though I’m sure you’ve learned more about Canada than you knew before.Work: sucks.Travel: Yeah, I’m skipping this entirely. There’s no way you would have canceled our Boston trip to go to Barcelona because you’ve been there already! BOSTON! BOSTON! BOSTON! Geezaloo.

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