There IS a God!

I just read an article that explains the names of Nicole Kidman/Keith Urban’s daughter and Matthew McConaughey’s son.

Remember how we all read that insane story about how Matthew wanted to do what his brother did and name his kid after his favorite beer? Fine, when his bro’s favorite beer is Miller Lite (the kid’s name is Miller…not too bad…not too weird), but Matthew’s favorite beer is Bud Light. Oh God. What a life that kid would have.

Thankfully, God has proven his existence yet again and the child’s name is Levi Alves McConaughey. Phew!

The Kidman/Urban kid didn’t make out quite as well with the name Sunday (the weird factor is compounded by the fact that she was born on a MONDAY) Rose Kidman Urban.

How is it that some of the brightest, most “with it” people in Hollywood give their kids the dumbest names (Coco, Apple, Phinneaus, etc. ) while whack-jobs like Britters and pot-smoking, naked-bongo-ing Matthew McConaughey choose normal names like Sean, Jayden and Levi? Grass roots, I guess. I dunno.

2 thoughts on “There IS a God!

  1. but at least the kid isn’t named after flora or fauna. i’m just sayin’…i pick “made up and normal sounding” over “real and ridiculous” any day.

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