4th of July is goin’ to the dogs!

I have become one of “those” people. I’m buying our dogs t-shirts to wear tomorrow. No, they won’t be dressed up every day, but this is a fun holiday and it’s their first one with us, so I think it’ll be fun for them to wear 4th of July t-shirts! I’m going to try to get Leo an incredibly cute grey hoodie

and as much as I want to get Suki a red dress that says “Little Miss USA” on it,

I’ve never really seen her as a girly-girl type dog. She’s quite the tomboy..and she’s officially Todd’s dog and he probably wouldn’t be caught dead walking a dog with a dress on. So I need to find her a somewhat girly t-shirt she can wear.

It’s going to be an exciting weekend for all four of us. We’re heading up to Greeley tomorrow for the Independence Stampede Parade, which has been a tradition in my family for as long as I can remember and I have no intention of losing the tradition any time soon. Yes, I know…a parade is a parade is a parade, but tradition is important to me and this one is a ton of fun. It starts with an AirForce fly over and ends with about a billion firetrucks, which Leo will looooooooooooooove!! The trucks used to come down the street and spray everyone with their hoses, but they don’t do that anymore. I’m not sure why. Probably someone got bent out of shape and whined and complained and ruined everyone else’s fun. What’s cool is that the last part of the parade route runs right down the main street of UNC so there’s tons of sorority and frat houses along the route and THAT’S why the firemen always hosed down the street….it was just fun to nail all those crazy college kids hahaha! Anyway, right before the parade gets going, we always walk over to this really cute coffee shop and get an iced something-or-other to enjoy during the parade. When I was a kid, my mom would pack a cooler full of bing cherries, graham cracker sticks, waters and other misc. delights for us to enjoy. Now it’s evolved ever so slightly and we just bring the cherries and grahams and then go get our coffee drinks. It’s so much fun! My parents are in Peru for the holiday this year so it’ll just be Todd, me and the pups and I think we’ll have a really good time!

We’re going to go bowling tomorrow afternoon, which i think is quickly turning into mine and Todd’s tradition. It’s $1games/shoes/beers so you can’t really pass up the price to get out of the heat! Plus, it’s a lot of fun and we’re being active instead of just sitting around watching a movie or something, which is a good time. We’ll probably bowl two or three games and then chill out a bit before heading up to Megan & Paul’s new house to barbeque and play with dogs for the rest of the afternoon. Around 7pm, we’ll head up to Boulder to watch some fireworks. All the dogs will be staying behind since Lotsi hates fireworks and we’re not sure how Leo and Suki will do either. It’ll just be easier and more enjoyable to leave them behind for this particular portion of the holiday.

The rest of the weekend will be spent playing, grocery shopping, unpacking Megan & Paul’s house and doing homework (that one is reserved specifically for me…goodie). Man, I love summer holidays!

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