So if you’re pyschologically normal, then call me back….

Just when you think you can guess something about someone, they go and turn you all topsy-turvy.

Case and point: my brother has long had a fascination and adoration for Asian women (and Asian people in general), so when he told us that he was going to move to Japan after graduation to teach, we all figured he’d be there indefinitely and probably wind up just living there and maybe even getting married there. Yesterday, he informs me that he’s only staying there for one year. In fact, he’s already working on a contract to go back to Colombia after his stint in Japan.

This leaves Todd and me in quite the predicament. We’ve been dying to go to Japan for a while (Todd’s been wanting to go for about 28 years now) and we figured, what better time to go than while Daniel is there? We’d have a place to stay and a tour guide, which is really the most intelligent thing to do when traveling in Asia…they’re famous for their scammers and pick-pocketers.

So now, we have to figure out how to get to Japan in March 2009, during my spring break from school. Seriously, if anyone wins the lottery, we’ll only need to borrow like $5,000….

One thought on “So if you’re pyschologically normal, then call me back….

  1. We have a good friend in Japan… she’s our friend who came all the way from Japan for our wedding. She’s been there for a couple years teaching English, she was promoted and now she helps the new teachers get placed in their programs and acquainted with the area. She speaks fluent Japanese. Phill and I plan on going to Japan soon. We’re hoping to go before we buy the house. But we’ll see. Anyway, she loves it there… wouldn’t come back if she didn’t have to. I bet your brother will feel the same. Don’t panic, I bet he’ll stay longer! :o)

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