Brought to you by "Focus on [your own damn] Family"

Really, what business is it of theirs?

I used to be a big fan of FOTF…but lately, they’ve just gotten on my nerves, what with their over-critical analysis of various movies (The Golden Compass being the biggest one in recent history) and their mis-interpretation of music lyrics (specifically “Switch” by Will Smith…grossly mis-interpreted a line which is rather difficult to mis-interpret if you’re actually reading the lyrics which they pretty blatantly did not…but I’ve already blogged about this)…

And now this…

Give me a break. Really.

One thought on “Brought to you by "Focus on [your own damn] Family"

  1. Grr. Seriously, why on earth do these people think they really need to take on the responsibility of keeping things out of other people’s hands? It’s not of their business who watches porn (or why).Seriously, this doesn’t seem like a constructive use of time or resources and the “theory” that the porn available in hotel rooms contributes to prostitution and sexual abuse doesn’t have any realistic foundation (since both were in quite full swing before hotel rooms started offering order-on-your-tv adult films).It’s my firm belief that Christian “groups” should just stay away from porn in all senses of the term … the two don’t mix well in any context, particularly the protesting one. But, then again, I have my own opinions on the subject and they’re obviously fueled by a little bit of indignation at the presumption of the aforementioned “responsibility.”Are people really and truly allowed to do what they want or do the inherent freedoms of human beings really need to be limited by the questionable morals of faceless organizations with well-meaning (but misplaced) intentions?

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