Week #19

It’s been a while since I’ve done this…
But for obvious reasons, last week I was (and continue to be) ever grateful for my mom…

It’s hard to list all the reasons for why I’m grateful for her so I’ll just mention the big ones:
1. She makes me laugh.
2. She is a GREAT conversationalist.
3. She gives me good fodder.
4. She has some of the funniest quirks (puzzles, Clarks shoes, etc.)
5. And this is probably the biggest one of all….she teaches me every single day how to be the best woman I can possibly be. She is strong, strong-willed, opinionated. She doesn’t let anyone walk all over her. She loves her kids without question. She has my dad pretty much wrapped around her finder (in all the best ways). She proves that it’s possible to both love and be good at your profession. She is a good wife and and even better mother. And on top of all that, she loves Jesus a whole bunch.

I love my mom….

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