There’s not really an appropriate title for this one…..

Most of you have probably heard me go on and on about how much I do not care for Carmelo Anthony but on the off chance that you’ve escaped my multitudinous tirades regarding him, you’re going to get another one right here (how exciting!)….

The basic gist of what I think is that he’s an uneducated thug. It’s rather disappointing to think that he was accepted to fricking SYRACUSE for sobbing out loud and that a) the NBA thought (thinks) it’s appropriate to recruit a kid who’s not even an adult yet and b) that he figured it would be a good idea to forgo this amazing educational opportunity…granted, he was signed on for like a billion dollars or something. But that just goes to show how naivety and greed can really screw a kid up. I kind of long for the “good ol’ days” of Michael Jordan…when a kid had to PROVE HIS WORTH before someone would pony up the kind of cash that Carmelo got, right out the gate.

Not only that, but when did we ever see Jordan in the news for something as stupid, reckless and irresponsible as drunk driving or brawling at a game? I mean, really. This is most of why I can’t stand Mr. Anthony. He behaves like an utter jackass, for all intents and purposes.

I’m tired of him being in the news. I’m so over hearing about how great he is. It exhausts me that so much publicity is given to this kid that has done virtually NOTHING noteworthy outside of basketball.

When are we going to get some news that’s worth reporting? When is the NBA (or any professional sporting association for that matter) going to balls up and do what’s right? These slaps on the wrist are complete nonsense….and insulting, frankly. The kid was driving WASTED. How stupid do you have to be to have the kind of cash he does and not hire a damn driver? This is the kind of crap I’m talking about. This kid has NO idea what to do with his money or how to handle his power…he throws it around like he’s some kind of Greek god, which he so clearly is not.

The best part of the whole thing was his bullsh*t apology (and Melo, just an FYI, but “brung” isn’t a word).

This simply is not a person that any kid should be looking up to. Or that any parent should be endorsing at this point.

Carmelo, get a grip. Get an education. Behave like the adult you claim you are. Be a person that deserves the money and power you’ve been given. The trust? Well, son, that has to be earned and you’re a long way off…clearly.

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