A Current Affair

You know those moments in life when you just HAVE to get away? Get away from life, from home, from responsibilities? That’s about where I am right now. I know I’m not alone. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that in three weeks, Todd and I will be getting out of Dodge and heading to Sin City for a nice l-o-n-g weekend. Heather, Kristin and Chandra are coming too which will make for one interesting weekend to say the least. I partially blame my antsiness on having gone back to Canada. I’m not really sure what happened to me there, but something did. Nothing bad, nothing good….just…something.

I have this weird itch to travel…all the time. It’s part of why I didn’t move to Nashville 3 years ago…there were many reasons, but that was a big one. I’d rather spend all my money traveling and experiencing. I told Todd last night that I’ve decided where our next big splendiforous vacation is going to be. “Where?” he asks. “Victoria Falls“, I say. “”Where is that?” he asks. “Ummm….Zimbabwe”, I tell him. You would first have to be familiar with my love affair with waterfalls to understand why I want to go there. But look at the pictures. I mean, how can anyone NOT want to go there?!?! And frankly, I’d like to get there before my brother does. Given that he’s been on 4 of 7 continents, I’d like to get to one of them before he does hahaha! Unfortunately, at this point, Expedia.com does not offer flight + hotel packages to Zimbabwe…only to South Africa…not sure I want to hit up that country just yet.

But it’s an unfortunate state of the union right now. What with the economy going to shit, it’s really hard to think about traveling the way I’d like for us to. We have to be concerned with energy prices, gas prices, possibly buying a house, planning for a family (don’t jump your guns….that is W-A-Y far off), me finishing school before I die and all the other things that come along with being a responsible adult.

Traveling is just something that I don’t want to give up on. I work hard. I save hard. Todd does too. It’ll just be nice to be able to play with all that savings at some point…

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