Music’s the only thing that makes sense anymore, man

ah, how true it is.
quote from Across the Universe..fantasmagoric, by the way. All should see it.

I digress. Quickly.

I have single-handedly had the worst week in the history of bad weeks. Since about last Tuesday, virtually nothing has gone right and pretty much everything I’ve touched has turned to total crap. Except for (maybe) my Spanish test for tonight, though I cannot remember how to conjugate and stupid -er verb. Which is REALLY weird.

At any rate, I have had the most horrible week ever at work.

I actually cried today. Not because of people, but because of situations. Things that were (and continue to be) out of my control, but I was expected to somehow know what to do. Honestly, and in all sincerity, thank GOD for my former boss. He knew exactly what to do and that was good news. And really, thank God for a couple of my other co-workers for knowing what to do as well. It was the most unbelievable challenge today. Do not ever want to do it again.

But alas, the solution that was presented to me was more of a “prolonging of the inevitable” so I’ll have to deal with all this shit tomorrow. Very exciting.

But I go to Toronto in 2 days and need it more than anything right now.

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