Week #14

This week, I’m thankful for SLEEP

I have gotten precious little of it this week, so what I have gotten is precious to me.
This was one of the worst weeks I’ve had in a long time. Too much going on and too much pressure. I managed to come completely un-hinged on a couple of my friends and that was unpleasant (but probably necessary). I tend to bottle things up until they reach a breaking point and that unfortunately happened this week, rather unexpectedly. It happens.

I was supposed to get up and hit the gym at 5am today…I slept until almost 7:00am (which makes me additionally thankful that I had washed my hair last night) and it was glorious. I think I passed out during The Office last night and woke up momentarily when Todd got home, probably around 10pm. I have no idea when it was…

But tonight, Todd and I are spending our date night buying things for our puppies, which come to live with us next Sunday. Tomorrow we’re going to skiing with Megan & Paul and on Sunday Todd whisks himself away to Toronto where I will meet up with him on Thursday…most excellent!

One thought on “Week #14

  1. Well, Megan has Paul’s cold now so it will just be Paul skiing with us (unless she magically gets better by morning), but it should still be fun! Yay puppy stuff date night!

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