"When he pulled up on his unicycle, I just knew…."

This weekend, Todd and I bought $2000 worth of brand new electronics. This included a 40″ Sony 1080p HDTV, a PlayStation 3, a PS3 game for Todd and the movie 300 in Blu-Ray for both of us (because it is, I believe, the quintessential date night movie for Todd and me).

It was a rather arduous process to get the TV and I let the Best Buy dudes know that I was none to pleased with the way I/we were being treated after having stated, pretty bluntly, that we were ready to make a substantial purchase. It was pretty irritating all the drama that went into what should have been a 30min adventure. But whatever.

We gave up all forms of visual entertainment for Lent (television – which caused us to miss the premiere of Dancing with the Stars, video games – which caused Todd some amount of heartburn I think, YouTube/Internet – which caused me to miss the debut of Britney’s newest video and I’m a little bummed about that, and movies – which caused us to put our Netflix account on hold and not be able to watch 300 in Blu-ray for quite some time). Said sacrifice ended on Sunday morning. Todd actually set his alarm clock for 6am (maybe earlier, I’m not sure) so that he could wake up and get in some quality Dynasty Warriors 6 time before going to church. He’s kind of been DYING to play the game and has been talking about it non-stop for a couple weeks now. So it was good for both of us that he start to get this out of his system hahaha!

So Easter was pretty much an awesome day.
The sun was shining.
We had amazing brunch at our favorite little French restaurant in town.
We visited with Sunny (Leo) and Jackie (Suki), our dogs we’ll be adopting in a couple weeks.
Gabe and Kelly came over for some quality 300-viewing in HD/Blu-Ray.
The house got pretty clean in preparation for said puppy-adoption.

And frankly, the best part for me, was remembering why Easter is so important. It all still gives me chills and chokes me up. I hope it always does.

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